Location: Pejompongan, Central Jakarta
Status: Design

Office is a kind of 'statement', It describes the identity and 'value' of the company. With keeping those in mind, office in Pejompongan designed to be outstanding and elegant with using simple design language and strong material expression as a design effort to build the 'first impression'.


Location: South Jakarta
Status: Schematic Design

A private house at Jalan Bangka, South Jakarta. A house with stepped down concept of mass, which creates visual barrier by using it's cantilevered mass to block the view from road level without giving additional screen to it, to optimize the view without losing privacy. Beside making a visual barrier and self sun-shading element, this cantilevered mass also create a terrace feature with refreshing landscape to that level, it extends the outdoor feels into the interior to build connectivity with the ground level landscape.

The facade of this house is a form of elemental collaboration that keep the balance of it's composition. The texture and pattern subtly interact with a quite playful building mass by using simple texture and pattern to avoid drawing too much attention. Instead of creating a new attraction, the simplicity of pattern and texture give enchantment to the strong mass configuration of the house.

"A home is a place you could find your self", it philosophically because "it's where your family is". A family give you your existence. Slightly different in architectural context but quite the same in it's notion, A home is not just a space to be filled in, it is a place that accommodate your activity that makes the existence out of you. And a Hobby is one of the activity which reflect you the most. This house is designed to give birth to the space that accommodate the owner's hobby which related to the automotive. The house is featured with an open lounge that directly facing toward the garage, with a void that connect it with the next floor to give a spatial gap and accentuation. This space also gives a statement in welcoming the guests. It contains the "foreword". A living-dining room is located right at the top of the lounge, connected by the void that give sense of continuity, an open plan concept of living-dining-study room and wide openings give a spacious feels to it. A house should be a place that reflect your truly self: a home.

an image of one of house project


Location: Malang-Indonesia
Status: Concept

A modular garden, an environment-friendly public space. A garden created from modular steel structure for circulation to minimize contact and impact to the surrounding environment. The modul consist of 2 models, the first one is the radial type, this module designed to adapt with the existing tree, so the circulation does not disturb the surrounding nature,even, it creates a beautiful space beneath the tree canopy, the second one is the linear type, this module connect every radial type, so it can be connected as a whole.

a landscape project image