Location: Jalan Dago, Bandung
Status: Concept

A mid rise office project located in Dago, Bandung. A prime area located in the center of the city. The main goal  of this project is to redefine the luxury of office space as a part of branding strategy. Enveloped by secondary skin and continuous shading devices, the facade is designed to overcome sun exposure to the interior. A simple massing and color tone make the building as background to the architectural context of Bandung. Adapting the essences of art deco element to suit the idea of contemporary and contextual architecture, it recreates the luxury it self in sense of craftsmanship reflected in decorative element. 


Location: Malang-Indonesia
Status: Concept

A modular garden, an environment-friendly public space. A garden created from modular steel structure for circulation to minimize contact and impact to the surrounding environment. The modul consist of 2 models, the first one is the radial type, this module designed to adapt with the existing tree, so the circulation does not disturb the surrounding nature,even, it creates a beautiful space beneath the tree canopy, the second one is the linear type, this module connect every radial type, so it can be connected as a whole.



Location: Bogor-Indonesia
Status: Under Construction

A small cluster house, consist of 4 houses. houses that embrace the nature by optimizing the view and outdoor spaces to bring the beauty of nature in. it's predominant natural colors express the beauty of intimate relationship with the mother nature.